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The Romoshop Project

There are so many romoshops scattered around the web.  You randomly come upon one and then can never find it again.  Romoshop.com was created to help put an end to this.  Our goal is to compile a database of romoshops that can be easily viewed and searched.  We also want to keep growing this database by hosting regular romoshop contests. 

This project is a huge undertaking.  We want to give credit to the creator of  each romoshop but that is very difficult to do when dealing with this magnitude of pictures.  If you see a romoshop that you have created, please contact us so we can give you credit for your work.

Romoshop.com is a community project.  We can't compile this database without your help and support.  We request that you upload any romoshops that you have in the appropriate category.  We also request that you submit any funny source pictures that you think are good romoshop material.  Please see the FAQ section for instructions on how to do this.  Your participation will ensure that this site provides hours of enjoyment to all.


The Romoshop Team

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